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Creative  + Imaginative + Classic

Joe Jumper

Photography By: Kyle Mackillop

Hi, I'm Joe Jumper.

I am inspired everyday! 

For over thirty-one years, our vision has never changed... inspire others and others will inspire you.  That is the true story of The Clay Pot... by putting your heart and soul in everything you create, whether a single fresh flower order going out of the shop, or a large scale wedding, party, or event... inspire others by making it creative, imaginative, and above all else, fun!


Through the years, styles are always changing, and we are always changing, too... adapting and setting the new standard on which our customers can depend.


I take pride knowing I have built my reputation as someone my customers know they can come to for questions, tips, and guidance. I work within any budget to make my customer's vision a reality.

I have had so many highlights over the years, but one of my absolute favorites is being called an “Imagineer” by a close friend... it perfectly sums up the shop’s vision, which has been maintained over all these years.

“Imagine... engineer”

It’s what we get the privilege of doing... thanks to you, and that inspires me everyday.

The Clay Potters

Our wonderful team, better know as The Clay Potters, are truly the backbone of the shop.  They are the ones usually behind the scenes, the ones that help make it all happen, the ones that give that extra effort in making The Clay Pot shine.  Our close working relationship, building bonds, and teamwork results in a family. 

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